Repair Classes

Learn to Fix your Bicycle at Oswego Cyclery!

Do you ever find yourself worrying, "What happens if I get a flat out on a ride?" Worry no more, Oswego Cyclery is here for you! We offer 2 repair courses that will prepare you for almost any emergency roadside repair.

 BASIC REPAIR COURSE                                                         $25  

This course is for the new bike owner or any seasoned cyclists that wants to learn more about their bike. We will cover some of the most common repairs you might encounter while out riding. We will supply you with the knowledge and tools so you can ride with a peace of mind. We just ask that you bring your own bicycle and we will provide the rest. All students receive a complimentary patch kit, tube (correct size for your bike), and tire lever set. Course usually takes 2 hours depending on size of class.

Course Date(s):

January 13 2018

February 3 2018

March 3 2018

Where: Oswego Cyclery, 59 S. Main St. Oswego, IL 60543

When: 8:00AM – 10:00AM

Course Topics:

  1. Understanding the basic function of a bicycle
  2. How to prevent getting flats while riding
  3. Repairing a flat tire with a patch
  4. Changing out a tube, to fix a flat tire
  5. The importance and proper way to clean & lubricate your bicycle

 ADVANCED REPAIR COURSE                                                $125 

This course is for any cyclist that wants to take their bicycle service into their own hands! We will take an in-depth look at how the bicycle and its components functions as a whole. Students in this course will not only learn how components work but also how to adjust them. Due to the volume of information in this course we have broken it up into 2 (2 hour) days. The first day will focus on the primarily on the bicycle's drivetrain, diagnosing problems, adjusting limit screws, and dialing in your derailleurs with proper cable tension. The second day will focus on the braking system and wheel truing. All students will receive a complimentary copy of Park Tool's "Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair & Maintenance".

Course Date(s):

Session 1: February 10 & 17 2018

Session 2: March 10 & 17 2018

Where: Oswego Cyclery, 59 S. Main St. Oswego, IL 60543

When: 8AM - 10:00AM

Course Topics:

Day 1:

    • Keeping your drivetrain clean: proper degreaser and lubricants
    • Removing Derailleurs & Cassette, cleaning, reinstalling
    • How to reinstall a cable, adjust limit screws, and set-up proper cable tension in derailleurs
    • When to replace your drivetrain: How often should I change my chain and cassette? 

Day 2: 

    • How to properly set-up brakes: proper cable tension, positioning brake shoes, and adjusting springs
    • How to fix the common squeaky brake syndrome
    • Changing a brake cable: Flat-bar Brake System & Road Bar Brake System
    • The basics of Wheel Truing